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Phyto De Luxe 

The golden point of beauty

The Philosophy

Phyto de Luxe signifies the comeback of a once revolutionary face cream by Mila d'Opiz — combined with today`s know‐how and the most up to date level of Anti‐aging technology. Phyto de Luxe combats the three different kinds of Skin Aging: photoaging, hormonal aging as well as the chronological skin aging. Phyto de Luxe—the luxurious skin care experience with the most precious ingredients the plant world has to offer.


Wellbeing at the highest level

  • „Lifting‐cure“ with Phyto Lift Gold Essence

  • Daily day and night care for face and neck with Phyto Lift Cream Sensitive

  • Intensivcare of lines and wrinkles: Phyto Lift Cream

  • Intensive anti aging care for all skin types: Phyto de Luxe Moisturising Lotion

  • Immediate lifting effect: Phyto DS Forbidden Serum

The Skin Whisperer

Revolution on your skin

The Philosophy

In 2013 - the 75th Jubilee of Mila d‘Opiz Swiss Beauty - the Research & Development team achieved to create a skin care perfectionist: The essential care of everlasting beauty, The Skin Whisperer. The innovative high-performance cream regenerates, rejuvenates, hydrates, soothes within the deep layers of the skin. Mila d‘Opiz has succeeded to combine high-tech anti-aging formula with the greatest legendary beauty dream of mankind.
The Skin Whisperer is your beauty-guard.

Skin Whisperer and Skin Whisperer Serum:

  • Advanced Biochemistry – Total rejuvenation

  • Stimulation of Cell to Cell/skin layers communication

  • New and powerful Anti-Aging MDO Complex

  • Increase of Collagen + Elastin - promotes skin firmness

  • Stimulates natural growth factors

  • Intense skin matrix repair formula

Luxury Caviar

Swiss fountain of youth

The Philosophy

Black Gold, Caviar cosmetic with Argan Oil: A fountain of youth for the skin.
The Research and Development Laboratories of Mila d’Opiz have chosen these gifts of nature to create four exclusive products. The natural cosmetic ingredient Caviar, Black Gold, accelerates cell metabolism, improves the microcirculation and replenishes the skin’s moisture depots. Mature skins benefit from a visual youthful radiance and an in‐depth regeneration.

Luxury Caviar - Swiss fountain of youth

  • Intensive, unique anti-age care: Highly Effective Serum

  • Promotion of the microcirculation with the Highly Effective Rich Cream

  • A soothing effect of the skin with the Highly Effective Eye Cream

  • Intensive nurturing and anti‐aging effect: White Truffle Mask


For yesterday and today

The Philosophy

Classic, high quality, for all skin types, this is what makes our CLASSICS line distinctive. You are an individualist and are not satisfied with simple advertising statements. You want to judge and choose yourself. You trust a Swiss company, which has conducted research and development since 1938 and develops products which have been produced without any animal experimentation: cosmetic care products with guaranteed quality and results and which truly serve the consumer’s needs.

All active ingredients in the CLASSICS line are of the highest standard, are allergen proofed, have to undergo the most critical tests and have been tested with human volunteers for many months.

Classics - For Yesterday and Today

  • ATP Eye Lift Gel: Reduces puffiness, soothes and is formulated for the most sensitive skin types

  • Climate Cream: Exquisite rich protective cream with Snow Algae extract

  • Fruit Acid Sensation Cream: Excellent moisturiser and antioxidant

  • Cleanising Milk: Cleanses and clarifies the skin, easily removes make-up and impure particles

  • Refresher Spray: Fulfils your wish for freshness throughout the day

  • Collagen Optima Lotion SPF15: Ensures an effective protection against photo-ageing due to UV radiation

  • Collagen Optima Cream: Perfect 24-hour-care preserving the skin’s moisture balance

  • Recharging Eye Lift Patch: Offers a cooling effect and in-depth hydration

  • Cell Support Cream: An energy bundle for tired skin

  • Sanddorn Cream: Precious vitamin dispenser for dry and in need of optimal protection skin

Skin Refine

Swiss anti aging care

The Philosophy

Skin Refine promises uncompromising quality in Anti-Aging skin care. In combining the SYN-AKE, other peptides and the purity and remineralising properties of Swiss Glacier Water with highly innovative bio–ingredients the Swiss Laboratories of Mila d’Opiz have succeeded in producing skin care of the highest effectiveness for you. Skin Refine is more than an elixir for prolonging youthfulness, the product textures make each product a joy to use. You will feel simply good about yourself from the first time you use them.
Skin Refine - the Swiss skin care ritual that promises you and your skin the touch of luxury which you both deserve.

Skin Refine - Swiss Anti-Age technology with SYN-AKE:

  • Protects the skin from drying out: Creamy Cleansing Foam

  • Long lasting moisturizer with Softening Tonic

  • Less lines and wrinkles with Lifting Serum

  • Lifts the eye zone: Lifting Eye Cream

  • Ideal anti-aging care: Hydro Lift Fluid with UVA-Protection

  • In-depth moisturising with Cell Assistant Cream

  • Rejuvenating effect with Rejuvenesse Cream

  • Stimulates the natural desquamation process: Intense Repair-Cream

  • Smoothes skin surface: Lifting Mask

Hydro Boost

Hydration for your skin

The Philosophy

The HYDRO BOOST skin care line is specially developed for dehydrated skin. A lack of oil and moisture dries the skin, leaving it rough and flaky. This renders it more susceptible to external irritants. HYDRO BOOST offers innovative products which provide the skin with active moisture reserves and support the barrier layer during regeneration.
Special moisturising substances penetrate the skin and are stored for many hours. The complexion feels fresh and velvety-soft. The skin gains in smoothness and elasticity.

Hydro Boost - Swiss Hydration Care:

  • Cleansing Gel: Soothes and smoothes the skin visibly

  • Balacing Toner: Refines the skin structure

  • 3D Hycon Hyaluron Serum: Unique moisture complex with long-lasting effect

  • Moisturising Eye Cream: Reduces eye bags and dark circles

  • Moisturising Day Cream: Optimizes the moisture content of the skin and protects against free radicals

  • Moisturising Night Cream: Regeneration and deep care during night

  • Moisturising Cream Mask: Increases the cell growth in the skin and prevents free radicals

  • Moisturising Gel Mask: Leaves the skin smooth and supple

  • Hyaluron+ Caps: Pure hyaluronic acid concentrate


Sustainable care for impure skin 

The Philosophy

Skin Clear is specially designed for skin that is impure or large pores and tends to blackheads. The skin is cleaned porically, impurities and dead skin cells are removed. The result: fine and matted skin as well as a clear and fresh complexion.

  • Against impurities, irritations and bacteria

  • Refining the skin structure

  • Reduction of sebum production

  • Support of the hautelasticity


The Vitamin cocktail for healthy skin 

The Philosophy

A healthy skin, which feels fresh and elastic, depends on a regular intake of vitamins. All Skin Vital products are therefore based on a balanced combination of the vitamins A, C and E. These protect the skin from negative environmental influences and activate the high powers for self-protection.

  • Increased resistance

  • Effective UV protection

  • Promotion of regeneration

  • Relieves skin irritation


The revitalising power of hyaluron

The Philosophy

Hyaluronic4 represents an innovation in the anti-ageing market. For the time, Mila d’Opiz has succeeded in incorporating four-level sodium hyaluronate as an active ingredient. The high concentration of the various types of this ingredient  pads out lines and wrinkles in the epidermis, working as an exceptional instant wrinkle filler.

  • Instant, visible effect

  • Long-lasting moisturising

  • Soothes the skin and counteracts irritation

  • Intensive protection – even from the effects of exposure to weather

  • Increases decorin, which is important for the formation of collage

  • Suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive skin