Powerful anti-wrinkle agent

Hyaluronic4 represents an innovation in the anti-ageing market. For the time, Mila d’Opiz has succeeded in incorporating four-level sodium hyaluronate as an active ingredient. The high concentration of the various types of this ingredient  pads out lines and wrinkles in the epidermis, working as an exceptional instant wrinkle filler.

The golden point of beauty

This unique skincare line combines the most precious thing the plant world has to offer. Their active ingredients are based on the latest state of science in the field of anti-aging.

Stay Cool Feel Classy

The sun gives us light, warmth and wonderful hours under the open sky. But too much sun can damage the skin irreparably. Swiss Classy Sun is the Sun Care line that protects and protects every skin. 


Swiss fountain of youth

The products of the Luxury Caviar line, thanks to their natural ingredients, accelerate the metabolism. The moisture deposits are filled and the skin is built up from the depth.


Fitness for your skin

A healthy skin, which feels fresh and elastic, depends on a regular intake of vitamins. All Skin Vital products are therefore based on a balanced combination of the vitamins A, C and E. These protect the skin from negative environmental influences and activate the high powers for self-protection.


Swiss anti aging care

Uncompromising quality in the field of anti-agingfacial care has a name: Skin Refine. Contains a unique combination of active ingredients, which provides for more well-being from the first application.

The proven and popular classics

Even though Mila d'Opiz is known for breakthroughing innovations: Proven classics remain good - and they remain in the assortment.High-quality care products suitable for all skin types.


The simple and effective  care

The most important thing for a nice, firm skin is the regular care. For this purpose, every skin needs products that correspond to it and which maintain its freshness, moisture and elasticity. Mila Sensitive is suitable for young, normal skin as well as for sensitive skin, which tends to irritate.


Revolution on your skin 

The Skin Whisperer and its high-performance ingredients regenerates, rejuvenates, hydrates, soothes within the deep layers of the skin. This results in more tightness and the aging process is delayed. The Skin Whisperer is the answer to the greatest legendary beauty dream of mankind.


Swiss purifying care

Skin Clear is specially designed for skin that is impure or large pores and tends to blackheads. The skin is cleaned porically, impurities and dead skin cells are removed. The result: fine and matted skin as well as a clear and fresh complexion.


Swiss care for dry skin

Dry, rough skin? Hydro boost provides the skin with an active moisture depot and thus supports the barrier layer in regeneration. The skin becomes soft and elastic, the complexion fresher and silky-tender.


Real man care

Uncomplicated, practical and effective: the modern man wants the products for cosmetic care. TREATmenT is the answer. Our men's line does not use luxurious packaging but does not meet the requirements of high-tech cosmetics.

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