Intensive Repair Cream
  • Intensive Repair Cream


    • 3 Peptides Complex
    • Swiss Glacier Water
    • Actisea 100 (Algae+Aloe)

    pH-value        : 6.0—7.0
    Appearance  : White cream
    Packaging      : 50 ml jar with folding box


    This very rich cream lends support to the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Simply, it helps your skin repair itself. In addition, it optimizes all skin functions so enabling it to function normally and supplies it with essential daily needed energy.



    • stimulates micro-circulation and activates skin metabolism
    • repairs and optimizes the skins’own protective functions
    • improves skin elasticity and gives long-lasting hydration
    • protects against free radicals
    • activates synthesis of the extracellular matrix, significantly
    • provides surprising care and repair effects for a better appearance


    Intensive Repair Cream can be used as day and night care, Thanks to its rich texture this cream is the ideal care in winter time for any dry mature skin. Cream the size of a hazelnut is a sufficient amount for face and neck.



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