Lifting Serum

Lifting Serum


  • 3 Peptides Complex
  • Swiss Glacier Water
  • Actisa 100 (Algae+Aloe)

pH-value       : 6.0—7.0
Appearance : White emulsion
Packaging     : 30 ml airless dispenser with folding box


The highly concentrated fast acting Anti-Age Serum tightens and tones the skin within seconds. The exclusive cocktail of active ingredients reduces visible signs of skin aging and gives the skin back its elasticity.



  • serum for use alone or under day/night creams
  • relaxes mimic wrinkles
  • minimizes lines and wrinkles
  • moisturizing
  • refines skin structure
  • calming and balancing action


Press dispenser once or twice to produce an amount sufficient for the whole face.

Lifting Serum can be used as a base under your day– as well under your night cream.


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