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Mila d’Opiz is a worldwide famous manufacturer of skincare products which have been selling in 50 countries. 

Neiman Marcus is currently carrying our products. We are also selling in cosmetic stores, Hotel Spa, skincare salons and doctor’s offices throughout the USA.

As an internationally active family company in its third generation, we have specialized in the research, development and production of high-quality cosmetics. The Mila d'Opiz brand and the philosophy behind it are a promise to our customers. A promise of uncompromising quality.

Since its founding, Mila d'Opiz has aimed to create high-quality cosmetics for different customer needs. We achieve this thanks to a Research department that forges new paths over and over and has the courage to use hitherto unknown ingredients for new compositions. The fact that we regularly present innovative products and are able to win renowned awards for this makes us very happy. But what we want first and foremost is to offer our customers the best products.

What leads many people to Mila d'Opiz today was also the initial spark behind the company in 1938: the search for a good face cream. Since company founder Mila Opitz-Altherr found nothing suitable at that time for her skin problems, she began to manufacture cosmetics herself – at the beginning of an exciting story that we tell here through the milestones.

Feeling good in your skin: everything Mila d'Opiz does revolve around this. Not only those who use our cosmetics products should feel good in their own skin; we as a company want to too. We wish to stand behind what we do – and how we do it – with a clear conscience. And we can. After all, sustainability is among our top priorities.

Hi, this is Amy (pictures). I am living in LA. I love our products. Especially, I want to let you know about our awesome products.